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So the Newsroom TV Show is from 2012, not the Canadian version from 2006

Newsroom the TV Show

This drama TV show is about how a REAL newsroom is run &  is absolutely FANTASTIC! This is how quality TV should be done.

First it’s fast pasted, & feels more like a play. It has sarcastic & hilarious dialogue, PLUS it has a moral story that taught me a lot about what really goes on in the media & politics. It is a breath of fresh air showing us how just a few people decided to stand up to corporations, ratings & small minded society.

If you are the type that cares about intelligence, the truth (No BS & twisting facts), improving American society, & you recognize that the Internet can be used for negative to control the masses, then you will LOVE this TV show.

It talks about:

  • The Tea Party
  • The Republicans & what they were meant to be
  • How politicians twist everything to lie about what is really going on
  • How the government is spying on us
  • How Americans should be taking BACK their country.
  • There’s also great human love stories going on at the same time.

Aaron Sorkin is the one who create “The West Wing” & I LOVED that show too, so I was thrilled when I found out he was the Executive Producer who created “The Newsroom” TV show as well. He even spent time researching real cable news to get the facts. This is why I love modern TV shows. When done properly, they are factual.

This is the way the NEWS SHOULD BE DONE so we aren’t scared of the media.

Even the intro music is enticing.

Kudos to the writing, directing & actors. A very well rounded top of the line TV show – The Newsroom.

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