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The Corporation Documentary

This review is about “The Corporation” documentary that came out in 2004.

It was the start of my education on how deeply flawed corporations are.

How these corporations get away with abuse because of how they are structured so no one can touch the people behind the corporation. It’s not a coincidence that they are allowed to be structured in such a way that they are untouchable. This is the government’s doing.

This is why every man or woman behind these EVIL CORPS gets away with fraud or criminal acts.

If you think that corporations don’t have an affect on your life, I highly recommend you watch this documentary so you can educate yourself.

It’s now 2017, and I know a lot more about corporations and what they are upto. How they control the government, how they control the masses, and how they abuse not just their employees, but also their customers. And if you think they do that only here in America, think again. Their tentacles reach way out across the ocean.

I call ALL American corporations EVIL CORPS. Yes there are many EVIL CORPS in other countries, but I feel the biggest pool of corrupt corporations are right here in the US.

While there are some medium and large companies who are built on integrity, many aren’t, and if they ever get to that level of being a HUGE corporation, they will surely lose any sense of morality.

Spend a couple of hours educating yourself and let me know what you think.

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