The Grain Brain Book Review

April 20th 2014 | Posted by

So here is the Grain Brain book review

While I didn’t finish the entire book and got to 3/4 of the way through, I learned a lot in what I did read.

First I learned why gluten is even bad for you in the first place. I had heard it was bad for you, but never understood why.

Then the doctor took us through all the different studies that prove how harmful gluten and an excess of carbs is to our brains. Studies worldwide, not just in the US.

I was surprised to learn he can connect the dots between Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimers and he even went onto say that when people eliminate gluten and only eat a small amount of carbs plus they eat a high fat protein and vegetable diet, they can eliminate or calm down other neurological problems such as ADHD, bi polar, depression, schizophrenia (this one I am not 100% sure on, but he did mention it), and others.

He talks all about inflammation and how that affects the body.

There are of course other things one has to do like sleep well and get exercise 5 times a week for only a short period of time, and he even explains why exercising at certain times increases brain function, so this has nothing to do with weight loss, and everything to do with brain and heart health.

Now whenever I talk to someone who is having issues like these, I do recommend they read the Grain Brain book.

I can’t do the book justice, as it’s a very thorough book (sometimes too thorough) with him detailing how this garbage in our food supply causes brain issues even if you don’t feel it happening to you. It actually explains a lot to me, as I feel people have become a lot more unintelligent over the years.

He even tells us why humans weren’t meant to eat wheat and gluten and how we never did way back when.

I hope you pick up “The Grain Brain” book and encourage others to read it as well to help improve people’s health, brains and STOP supporting all this garbage food that companies make BILLIONS of dollars off of at our expense.



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