Salt Sugar and Fat

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The Book Salt Sugar and Fat is a Must Read

Salt Sugar Fat

If you want to educate yourself on your health problems such as obesity, diabetes, ADD, ADHD and more, you MUST read the book, “Salt Sugar and Fat.”

The full title of the book is “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, ” and it was written by investigative journalist Michael Moss.

Michael uses the “politically correct” term “Food Giant.” I just speak my mind and don’t care about how the truth offends anyone, as the truth IS the truth.

These companies are really what I call, “EVIL CORPS.” They are MEGA HUGE corporations who are usually run by sociopaths who have so much money and power and are sooo greedy, they can’t stop hurting people in order to obtain even MORE money.

Billions isn’t enough for them, they need to make TRILLIONS in order to feed their EGOS at the expense of human beings.

As the years have gone by, these EVIL CORPS have taken out even more of the REAL ingredients out of food and replaced it with toxic chemicals. Back in the 1970’s at least there was “some” real food in the products, now it’s almost ALL chemicals.

Since the government is owned by EVIL CORPS, the governing bodies such as the FDA either don’t care, can’t do anything even if they want to, or they are paid off either by money, or obtaining a lucrative position within one of the EVIL CORP companies.

And wait until you find out what OTHER types of companies bought out some of THE most popular fake food companies as they grew bigger and bigger.

Michael will detail how several of the EVIL CORPS knew many decades ago that the FAKE FOOD they are creating is harmful to people. That these products they pass ofs as food is cause for many of the illnesses mentioned above and I personally say the list is a lot longer.

The human body can NOT run on chemicals. It is NOT a car. Our bodies are natural beings. We need natural products that are either grown in the ground such as vegetables, or products that were once alive, like fish, chicken, beef, lamb, etc.

The same with what we drink, humans were NEVER meant to drink sugar and chemicals, rather something that is all natural, called WATER.

Of course these products that are supposed to be all natural have also been poisoned by EVIL CORPS, but that’s a topic for another day.

For many years Michael investigated the truth about how these FAKE FOOD products were first created, and how the EVIL CORPS systematically created propaganda convincing wives and mothers that buying their products instead of the nutritious products was better for their families.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who eats food, is feeling sick, knows someone who is feeling sick, or someone who just wants to know what is going on out there.



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