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This is my review of the book Fast Food Nation

This book was written by Eric Schlosser and is my review of the book Fast Food Nation. Eric Schlosser is a correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly. I found the book on my Kindle after I bought it used.

I didn’t read the ebook for over a year, and then one day I just started and became entranced. While it’s an older book from 2001 and I’m writing this on February 3, 2013, unless I’m wrong, nothing has been done to change the atrocities of the Fast Food Industry!

I stopped eating junk food (they call it fast food, but it’s really terrible FAKE FOOD) years ago.

The only time I did occasionally eat junk food, was when my son was still living with me, but I hated it.

I hate that whenever I’m in a rush to eat something and I can’t afford the time or the price of a good restaurant, I’m forced to eat junk food from chain restaurants. Many times there are no “normal” restaurants available. Fast food FAKE FOOD is usually the only option available to us.

I don’t consider fast food places restaurants, even though the government and the Yellow Pages classifies them as such.

When I talk about junk food, I’m also talking about the chain restaurants like Outback, TGIs, Kelseys, etc. They are junk food masked as a half decent restaurant, one step above the McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subways, KFC, etc., but the garbage that’s in the food and whether it’s REAL food is very obvious to ANYONE who knows what real food is.

If I ask an Outback for a wedge of lemon, they may have some because the bar stocks it for drinks, but they never use REAL lemon in their kitchen.


I’m heavily into health and also a foodie who knows good food when she tastes it, so these are my reasons for not eating junk food, BUT after I started reading this book “Fast Food Nation,” I started to get sick to my stomach.

And to think that there are hundreds of reasons in this book to BOYCOTT the fast food industry, NOT just the fact that it’s fake food.

I have to make it very clear here that I’m an entrepreneur, so I know all about business and streamlining procedures to make things run more efficiently, but this is nuts! This is a danger to our ENTIRE HUMAN RACE, and the fast food industry has spread outside of America to almost EVERY COUNTRY WORLDWIDE.

That is how much power the fast food industry has!

This book discusses the following in a lot of detail:

  1. How cities and towns lost their beautiful nature, i.e, farms where the produce was grown, or just ranch land. ALL because of the fast food industry.
  2. What types of people do the fast food industries target to work for them.
  3. How they treat their employees, and what this means for their future and society as a whole when it comes to wages.
  4. How working at a fast food joint can and most probably will hinder your intelligence level.
  5. Why the crime rate in the fast food industry is the highest in the US and who’s committing these crimes.
  6. How the meat packing industry was created JUST FOR the fast food industry.
  7. What types of people do the meat packing industry target to work for them.
  8. How the meat packing industry AND the fast food industry control America and I’m sure other countries too. The power they yield is DISGUSTING! They literally get away with murder and NO ONE is stopping them.
  9. How the meat packing industry treats its employees.
  10. How working at the meat packing industry is THE MOST DANGEROUS JOB IN THE WORLD, and most people leave disfigured, seriously sick from the toxins, or they leave dead.
  11. How the meat packing industry affects the people who don’t work there, but live close enough to it that they also become sick.
  12. How the fast food industry has the highest rate of law suits and they aren’t talking about from their customers.Can you guess WHICH fast food industry company gets pulled into court most often?

    The answer may surprise you.

    It doesn’t surprise me, my son had an issue (well I did because I could sense their underhanded tactics) with this company when he went to apply for a job there.

  13. How the fast food industry treats its franchise owners and why most people don’t hear about this.
  14. How the government allows the corporations of these fast food GIANTS to treat the franchisees this way. These franchisees do NOT have the SAME rights as other Independent Business Owners.
  15. How the animals are treated so INHUMANELY both when they are being raised, as well as when they are slaughtered.
  16. How the meat from the burgers and chicken is known for spreading disease. The amount of food poisoning and deaths per year will amaze you.
  17. How our entire society’s food system has changed because of the fast food industry. Why do you think everything is frozen and filled with chemicals? It’s not a coincidence and I sure didn’t know about this before reading this book.

I’m SOOOOO incensed by this FILTH from the Fast Food Industry, I want to get my Review of the book Fast Food Nation out there so you could start reading it, because it will shock you if you care anything about humans, society, animals, land and health.

Most of this information has been hidden from YOU the public, as far as I know, because the fast food industry does a very good job of making sure insiders DON’T TALK!

You read this book and tell me if you knew ALL of this!

Warning: I do NOT recommend you read this book while eating or just after having eaten. I literally almost became sick several time.

Please post your opinions about the book.



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