Book Review for Skipping Christmas

December 6th 2014 | Posted by

Here is my Book Review of Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

My Book Review for Skipping Christmas

My Book Review for Skipping Christmas

So I’ve been reading John Grisham’s book since he started writing and if I didn’t like his books before LOOK OUT!

I put off reading this book because I figured it was religiously bent. Well let me tell you, nothing could have been further from the truth.

Not only that, it was soooo funny and well written, I’m almost tempted to say this is my favorite book of Grisham’s.

By the time I got to the really funny parts of Skipping Christmas I was in STITCHES. Towards the end I was laughing sooo hard I was in tears.

I can’t stress ENOUGH that everyone should read this book if you like intelligent sarcastic humor, enjoy family and like a twist. Not to mention it will put you in a great mood.





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