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Being a bookworm since around the age of 8-9, I feel I’m pretty qualified to judge all sorts of books from fiction to non fiction.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to read fiction now, but that’s all I used to read in the past.

I’m an entrepreneur, so I mainly read non fiction that teaches me something.

Even if a book is hard for me to read & understand, I will state how I feel about the book, because others may actually enjoy reading it even if I didn’t.

I hope this site helps you to pick out the best books to buy.

Personally I don’t buy fiction books anymore, the library is fine for that, but some people don’t care and buy fiction books all the time.

I feel buying non fiction books is a must, because if you ever need to refer back to a page or paragraph, you can pull the book from your bookshelf and find what you need.

Like all bookworms, I have books on my bookshelf I haven’t read yet, but when it’s time for me to learn something about that subject matter, it’s there for the taking. smile

Happy Reading!


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