Mamma Mia – the Musical

February 5th 2010 | Posted by

Mamma Mia – the Musical

While I do happen to be biased because I love musicals, in the last several years I haven’t been thrilled with any of the musicals I’ve seen, or if I liked one, the movie’s entertainment value was at the low end.

In my opinion, they just don’t make movie musicals like they used to.

So… I was very happy when I finally rented Mamma Mia. I had already seen the theatrical production in Toronto several years back, but the movie was just as good in my opinion.

Most of the actors were pretty good and I was surprised that Meryl Streep could actually sing, but hey, she’s one of the best actresses of our time, so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised.

Pierce Brosnan did disappoint me both on an acting level, and even more so with his singing. I don’t even understand why he was cast for this role if he couldn’t sing.

He managed to pull off one song during his duet with Meryl, but after that it went downhill from there.

Besides all of that, the movie was just GREAT, but again I’m biased because I happen to love Abba’s music. I usually don’t like it when other people sing a singer’s original song, so I was happy that they all managed to pull it off so well that I would consider buying the CD.

The dancing and costumes brought back memories even though I was very young when Abba was around and overall the movie was funny and entertaining.

If you are feeling down and want to lift your spirits and start dancing around your living room or den, Mamma Mia is the musical to get. I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars.



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