Spirit Centered Relationships

August 1st 2010 | Posted by

The book Spirit Centered Relationships is about how to work at your relationship by communicating in a more holistic non judgmental way. How to let your partner (spouse) be who they truly are and not let it trigger you which causes conflict in a relationship.

I absolutely adore this book and read it when a relationship I was having was on its last legs.

The relationship never healed because my partner didn’t believe in working on relationships, so you need to understand that this will ONLY work if both parties are open minded, committed to the relationship and believe that relationships need constant work. If the 2 of you don’t have that same common way of looking at relationships, then you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship together in the first place. That is just my opinion.

Saying that, even if your partner (spouse) isn’t committed to the relationship, I highly recommend you read this book for your own self growth. You never know when this will help you in future relationship and even in relationships with your children.

I admire the authors (Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks), as they have been together now for over 25 years and I can tell they have really made their relationship work.

I’m not the type that has heroes, but these 2 are people I aspire to model.

I hope you enjoy this book. It truly made me realize that relationships aren’t meant to be hard, difficult, or negative, rather positive, flowing, and loving most of the time even though all relationships have their downs.

I give it a 5 out of 5 rating for education.


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