Loving Eachother

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Loving Eachother by Leo Buscaglia

Back in my young adult life when I was first starting on my self help journey, Leo Buscaglia was one of the first authors I ever read who I admired.

I’ll admit that I forgot about him until a few weeks ago when I found one of his older books from 1984 on a bookcase of a person’s home I’m staying in temporarily. His first chapter got me all excited once again, as he’s an amazing man.

He had tremendous insight, because the way he described society back then is EXACTLY how it has played out & still does today in 2011. (Sad)

He covers everything from communication, to how we view relationships & what our expectations are in them, to honesty & what it really means, to the current chapter I’m reading on hugs & how detrimental it is to NOT be hugged daily, which is how North Americans are. If we are not hugged or caressed on a continuous basis, our health deteriorates. It’s not like that in many European countries where they don’t fear intimacy as much.

While one chapter bored me, he managed to pick me back up with the chapter in hugs.

I now realize he’s passed over, but you can just tell that we should all model our relationships after how he managed his.

I highly recommend this book “Loving Each Other” if you care about your relationships (not just your intimate ones) & you want to improve your life overall.

I give this book a 4 out of 5.

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