Do you own your own body?

January 1st 2010 | Posted by

If you live in the States, the answer may be “NO”!

I won’t stand on my soap box for this one, as I could be here all day, OF COURSE we own our own body, or do we?

This book was not only very exciting, it was shocking as well, just like many of Michael Crichton’s books are. (We will miss Michael’s GREAT work! See ya in your next life.)

I highly recommend “Next” if you haven’t already read it. You won’t be able to put it down and if science isn’t your thing, don’t worry, it isn’t mine either, the story line keeps you on the edge of your seat while educating us about what we don’t know.

He researched this thoroughly as he always does with his books, and educates us on stem cell research, biotech companies, cells, the courts, our ignorance in all of this, etc.

While the book is fiction, the facts about what is going on with cells, genetics, research, patents, biotech companies, scientists, peer reviews, gene patents, the government, the rights of what is inside our bodies, legislation, and the courts is NOT fiction.

Read all about it.

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