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December 29th 2009 | Posted by

They say (and they are right), that the best people to learn from are people who have already been successful in what it is you want to learn.

So, if you are looking to become a millionaire at some point in your life, this book is absolutely FANTASTIC.

In fact it was one of the first books I read on money that made me start respecting money.

I learned a lot from it, & Thomas J. Stanley Ph. D, & William D. Danko Ph.D do a great job with their writing & sense of humor. It’s not a dry hard to understand book at all.

They have written several new editions on millionaires over the years, including one recently about Millionaire Women, so I look forward to getting more of them.

So, if money is an interest of yours, or you just want to see how the other half lives, then I highly recommend this book.

Enjoy & let me know what you thought.


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